About Us

First of all thanks for visiting at LeeMug.Com

LeeMug.com is a social platform specially designed for professional like lawyers, doctors, teachers and law students etc to build a powerful community to help public. And generally it's open for everyone to use. This is design and developed by Ishan Sid and team. Ishan who is a professional web developer and also known as a lawyer. All credit goes to Ishan and team for idea, planning, designing, publishing etc. 

What you can do at LeeMug?

You can do here a lot of activities like profile creating, making pages and groups, uploading images and documents, writing articles and watching movies also. As said before LeeMug is made for professionals to help public. So you can get help in your law matters from your favorite lawyers also.

What is our Aim?

Our Aim is very simple, we want to make a powerful community which helps you in every matters. A lot of Advocates, doctors, techers etc. want to help public but they don't have any platform to help so LeeMug.com is powerful platform for those people who want to help the public. Lawyers can make powerful profile and give solutions to public, law students can make profile to get help in law study problem and Public can make profile to get help on law matters etc.

Highlights of LeeMug.com

  • Profiles
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Chats
  • Posts
  • Events
  • Blogging
  • Movies
  • Market
  • Point System
  • Forums

And many more you can do at LeeMug.com. If you have any talent then write articles about that and reach out to public. If you are facing any problem related to LeeMug then contact support team where you can read posts related to your problem or comment your problem on post or send email by contact form : LeeMug Support Team